Consultant on the move

Posted On by Ingrid Rathjen

One of the main aspects of being a consultant is ‘moving around’. Saying goodbye should come natural to a consultant, and yet each time a project comes to its end, I am faced with mixed emotions. There is the sadness of saying goodbye (and most important, not farewell!) to the people you worked with in the last months/years/weeks. There is the letting go of the ‘baby’ (project) you raised and leaving it in the hands of other people.

But there is also the excitement and the expectation of a new project. When you work together with a team towards a common goal you get confronted with all of its ups and downs. It turns into an intensive period where professional ànd personal bonds are forged. Each time I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know a company and the chance to meet new people. It is nice to share my passion for business analysis and Salesforce and to be an inspiration in these fields.

As Dorothy on her yellow path, I meet people, and we empower each other. When I find myself on a new yellow road, I look forward to the journey, and I am happy to have Toto by my side in the form of coaching & support of the entire 4C family.

Together we teach, inspire, learn, create and overcome unexpected obstacles.

At the end of the road I can click my red shoes and go home the 4C headquarters.