Appexchange app of the month: MapAnything

Posted On by Selvina Poric

Boost your field sales efficiency. Generate more leads. Have focused marketing campaigns.

MapAnything, our top pick of the month, is a must have app from the Appexchange that helps you boost your Salesforce-run business. The app enables your sales teams to manage their territories efficiently, to coordinate schedules, pre-plans and to optimise routes. Your sales efforts can be easily added to existing marketing campaigns – all under the umbrella of your Salesforce instance!

We reviewed the top 6 benefits of MapAnything for your business:

1. Generate more Leads

With MapAnything, you can identify new prospects via the Google Places integration and add them in seconds to Salesforce. Know where prospects are located in relation to existing customers, partners and competitors. Gain insight into your pipeline with visual reporting and make quick decisions on the field with real-time data.

2. Effectively manage your sales team

Gain visibility of your sales team activities with verified check-ins, task and event logging. Analyse data by territory to make strategic decisions. Your sales team can discover neglected areas and reassign territories in seconds right from the map. Ensure new under-services opportunities are taken care of by your reps.

3. Seamless integration with Salesforce

MapAnything is natively integrated to multiple editions of Salesforce application. Integrating two systems has never been easier. Just enjoy the benefits of the mapping tool while your data is automatically synced in Salesforce!

4. Increase field sales efficiency

MapAnything is made for all devices. You can maximise field sales when accessing important data on your mobile. Mass assign leads to the correct sales rep with one click. Map your prospects that are nearby and gain access to information that your business would not have had otherwise.

5. Better targeted marketing

Add contacts and leads from the map to your marketing campaigns with one click. Launch focused email campaigns. Identify important decision makers within your selected area and send the right messages to the right prospects. Organise events in a new way by identifying all prospects nearby your favourite venue.

6. Improved operational capabilities

Learn what is going on in different locations by utilising the advanced proprietary reporting engine. The information is provided in various forms which include heat maps, clusters and scatter plots. The geocoding feature allows you to reallocate your business resources to the areas that need them most, in order for your business to provide solutions to problems as they arise. Provide support and coverage anywhere in the world.