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One of the most revolutionary things you see when you turn on Pardot is the tsunami of digital touches your prospects unveil in their engagement history. Some people even ask, is this legal? Which of course it is.

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But quickly after being in awe of these insights, people start to get analysis paralysis. You start to ask yourself what’s a buying signal, what does it mean with all these clicks and opens and engagement, THERE’S TOO MUCH NOISE!.

All of a sudden you go from not enough insights on your prospects to waaaay too much to handle. What’s a marketer to do?

Come along and get decent real world help from the marketing real world, no BS, no three letter acronyms, just the good old fashioned plain speaking chat you’ve been missing with advice you can us TODAY!

And by the way, just come along to get a breath of fresh air from the problem that sounds like a beer - I think we can all agree by being bored to death with that racket from marketers.

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Brian has spent years circumnavigating the planet on a motorbike, lives Denmark with his 3 kids, wife, dog and his “ladies” (chickens). He was named by Salesforce as a top 25 B2B marketer and is a Salesforce Marketing Champion. As a marketer he says “I’m on your side, I feel your pain, so that’s why I’ve written a book about it!

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