Supporting the Salesforce Ecosystem Through COVID-19

One of the huge benefits of being part of the Salesforce ecosystem is that community feeling, everyone supports each other, inspires each other and shares valuable resources. This could not be more true than at present, with the challenges being presented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salesforce have recently announced a number of care solutions to help businesses meet the increasing needs of their customers and employees and to stay connected and responsive.

The Salesforce Care solutions include:

Employee and customer - Remote working and servicing for employees and customers

  • A pre-configured employee help centre, customer service, and contact centre application for responding to inquiries fast, and keeping customers and employees informed. The org will enable you to set up separate spaces for employees and customers and give your communities information and updates on the ways you are dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Salesforce Care for social community engagement

  • Access to Marketing Cloud Social Studio which will enable you to monitor COVID-19 conversations relevant to your company, and engage with your extended communities on social channels.

Salesforce Care for Manufacturing

  • Salesforce Care for Manufacturing is a solution for manufacturers who are adjusting operations or using existing capacity to produce COVID-19 supplies. The solution, a pre-configured Manufacturing Cloud org will help improve visibility into demand and allow for fast responses to rapidly changing needs. It allows you to develop critical, accurate forecasts and surface actionable business insights.

All Salesforce Care and accompanying support solutions will be available free to both customers and non-customers for at least 90 days unless otherwise stated.

Here at 4C we have a responsibility to give back to our customers and our community and are proud to be supporting Salesforce’s Care solution. To ensure that orgs are set up successfully we will utilise our 1-1-1 model (pledge 1%) to help customers deploy and get up and running with these solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also have an ongoing support service available to help with day-to-day questions, queries and issues as they arise.

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Your FAQ’s Answered

I have no experience setting up a Salesforce org. How can 4C help?

  • 4C can assist with setting up your org, from the initial implementation to customising the solution inline with your exact business requirements. We will work with you to ensure the system is set up to support your customers, staff and stakeholders in the best way possible. From building customised email templates to setting up assignment rules for cases, we are here to support you in meeting the increasing needs of your employees and customers.
  • We will educate you and your team on the capabilities of the solution and provide you with the information you need to get to grips with the platform.

I do have experience with Salesforce. How can 4C help?

  • With years of Salesforce experience we can be there as that extra resource. We understand that capacities may be strained due to service centres being busier, more calls coming in and priorities shifting day to day. We can support you to get set up to start utilising the platform as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • We can share best practice advice and to help you leverage the platforms full features and functionalities.

How can 4C support me once I am up and running?

  • Once the platform is up and running, we can assist with ongoing support, resolving any day-to-day issues as they crop up.

What happens to the org once the free licenses end/ the 90 days are up?

  • Once the 90 days are up and the free licenses come to an end we can help you rebuild your configuration and migrate your data to a new org.

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