Service Cloud Implementation for PropertyFinder group

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Property Finder is UAE’s leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to connecting consumers to their perfect property. Launched in 2007, is owned and operated by The Property Finder Group which also owns and operates real estate portals across the Gulf and the Middle East.

Le défi

Following the implementation of Sales Cloud to optimise and manage its sales process, the sales and service functions of PropertyFnder were now being managed across two different platforms. Running the business across multiple platforms meant that PropertyFinder was unable to have a single view of its customer. The company decided the time was right to bring the service element of its business onto the Salesforce platform, helping them achieve a 360 degree view of its customer on one single platform, while also supporting its growing omni-channel service strategy.

Les Solutions

Service Cloud Implementation

With the implementation of Service Cloud into their Salesforce platform, all of PropertyFinder’s sales and service operations could now be performed using Salesforce, allowing for a full 360 degree view of their customers.

Omni-channel Service

To enhance their end user experience, and to ensure the same level of customer service is provided irrespective of the channel, utilization of soft phone capabilities combined with knowledge articles exposed on their portals, and Snap-Ins embedded to their portals and website.

Les résultats


Customer service experience integrated into one single platform


Sales and service platform giving a 360 degree view of its customers

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