Drive your decision-making with Tableau

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If you haven’t explored Tableau, I have the pleasure of guiding you through this trusted leader in analytics. Buckle up for this exciting journey!

What is Tableau?

Tableau is more than reporting. Tableau is a complete analytics platform that enables customers to view their data in a whole new way, facilitating fast paced decision making. Tableau excels in its ability to consolidate data from multiple sources with native integrations and harmonise those outputs into digestible visualisations. Tableau also helps people and organizations become more data-driven: the platform provides the breadth and depth of capabilities that enterprises need, and adapts to their environment with unmatched flexibility and choice, while meeting the toughest governance and security requirements. Moreover, people love using Tableau because it is both powerful and intuitive. Tableau leads the industry with the most passionate user community, over 86,000 customer accounts, and a commitment to customer-focused innovation.

A customer focus

Tableau, like Salesforce, is a platform that is focused on the customer – and the customer’s customer – we know this to be true because Tableau users are deploying more quickly and with a wider business impact than ever before. It is no surprise that Gartner has consistently positioned Tableau as a leader in the Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms Magic Quadrant and it is this positioning that is echoed in the Middle East.

By offering Tableau services to our customers in the Middle East, we are able to offer them rich insights about their data, integrated with our Salesforce services. We are able to support our customers with their end to end data journeys – from orchestration to visualisation as well as all of the necessary steps in between. Tableau also offers solutions that companies across a wide range of sectors can benefit from. These industries include but are not limited to travel & transportation, finance, manufacturing, and energy.

Transform the way you do business

In summary, Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data. The platform makes visual analytics intuitive, allowing people to quickly answer questions with data and share insights across their organization. Global enterprises, early-stage startups, governments, and nonprofits all use Tableau to transform their data into actionable insights. This is a game changer for insightful and scalable analytics.

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