Supercharge your Business with Increased Lead Conversions

Watch the talks from this event, featuring:

  • Josh Bradley, Chief Marketing Officer at 4C
  • Anastasia Tole, Marketing and New Business Manager at Hanover
  • Merinda Peppard, EMEA Marketing Lead at Pardot
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The ingredients needed for successful marketing automation

Watch as Josh gives us his take on what is needed to successfully implement marketing automation, using the 4C story over the last 2 years as an example. He also gives us a run down of his 5 favourite features of Pardot and how they may be able to benefit your business.


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Hear how Hanover use Pardot to streamline their events process, a Q&A discussion with marketing automation experts, and from some of our guests with their thoughts on the event.


Anastasia Tole: How Hanover used Pardot to streamline their events process


Q&A with Merinda, Anastasia and Josh


See what Kathryn learnt from the talks


Hear what Hiten thought of the morning

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