Realising Omnichannel Sales

Drive consistent revenue through connected CPQ & B2B Commerce

Tuesday 1st December, 11am GMT


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During these uncertain economic times, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of doing business has never been so crucial. More than ever, efficiency and profitability are going hand in hand and organisations are seeing the benefits of automating and streamlining business processes to the max. This is exactly what Salesforce’s CPQ & Billing and B2B Commerce Cloud Connector is allowing organisations to do.

In an age where the customer is king and customer experience is a big thing, offering a seamless experience across channels is the holy grail of many organisations. Many businesses are switching from a simple product sell to a subscription and consumption business model, which has a huge impact on organisational processes.

Join 4C and Salesforce on Tuesday 1st December at 11am GMT as we dive into how Salesforce’s CPQ & Billing and B2B Commerce Cloud Connector is giving businesses the power to synchronise their product and pricing data, unify channel experiences and align their order history. You will walk away with insights on how:

  • Your direct and ecommerce sales channels can work together for a unified customer buying experience
  • The buying experience for your customers can be made easier, significantly speeding up the sales process

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Event Speaker

Christian Bacon, Senior Executive - Quote-to-Cash, Salesforce

Event Speaker

Michelle Stölting, Group QTC Advisory and CoE Manager, 4C

Event Speaker

Bishwendra Singh, Group QTC Architect, 4C

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