Powering Pardot and Marketing with AI is easier than you think

Thursday 17th September, 11am BST/ 12pm CEST/ 2pm GST


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There are many reasons to turn on Pardot Einstein, and the amazing fact is that it’s easy! If you have any of these questions, turn up to our exclusive webinar taking place on 17th September at 11am BST, with insight gleaned from Salesforce Pardot Einstein product manager, Alon Shvo:

  • What is Pardot Einstein anyway?
  • Why do I need Pardot Einstein?
  • How long does it take to activate Pardot Einstein?
  • Can I do it today? (clue: YES!)
  • Can I get the marketing attribution I have always wanted (without having to hassle sales)?

Did we mention how the old licenses have a limited Pardot Einstein? Upgrading to the new license gives you a better Pardot Einstein experience.

Forget about creating complex rules based attribution models, use the power of Einstein to (basically) flip a switch and unlock your hidden marketing data - in other words, reduce the resource intensive task of asking sales to associate contact roles on opportunities.

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Event Speaker

Brian Coles, Lead Marketing Automation Architect, 4C

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