Improving Management of your Industry Value Chain

See for yourself how Salesforce can help drive massive improvements to the management of your run rate business

Wednesday 31st March 2021 11.00-12.00 CET

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One of the major challenges of the manufacturing and processing value chain is related to lack of optimisation across functional silos and organisational borders. This leaves opportunity for improvement of framework agreement and run rate business management, sales forecasting and S&OP. Improvements there will not only increase top and bottom line - it will also positively impact customer experience and loyalty.

In this event 4C will dive into how some of the latest additions to Salesforce’ Customer 360 can create the needed visibility and transparency allowing you to unlock the potential value gains within the manufacturing value chain.

Meet Richard Henry, senior management consultant and Thomas Dorby, Customer Success Director, Manufacturing, who will be your hosts and have you walking away with insights into how:

  • You can improve management and growth of your run-rate business through visibility of actionable consolidated data normally only accessible in ERP or third party systems, if accessible at all.
  • You can manage framework agreements, pricing and account based targeting for better forecasting and account performance.
  • It is possible to significantly increase collaboration both internally and externally for optimised S&OP processes, better cash flow, improved inventory and profit levels as well as better customer experience.
  • You can prepare your strategic change for success in the best possible way through the right focus on change management.

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  • Introduction and welcome
  • Challenges within the manufacturing value chain
  • Demo
  • Change management and implementation implications
  • Closing remarks

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