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Thursday 9th July, 11am BST/ 12pm CEST/ 2pm GST


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“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe what they are doing!”

The reaction from a Marketing Director when she saw what a customer was doing real-time on their lead generation site.

Within that moment, she called her Sales Director and got the inside sales team to reach out to the customer, all this turned around within 5 minutes. Sales and marketing goodness happened right there and a happy customer was served from a company that cared to act when the customer put their hand up. You simply cannot perform a better customer experience than that - human to human contact - beats any online experience.

We all know that the companies that can speak to their clients at the moment that they put their hands up online, will win. You cannot do this with batch and blast email campaigns. When you send a campaign email, it’s on your campaign calendar, your terms, it has nothing to do with what the receiver is thinking about when you send it. This is a problem.

Marketing automation can act in the context of the person thinking, by reacting to their signals of intent online, but you can get even closer to the prospect than this!

Enter Salesforce Engage and one of many hot features as used in the above real life story - Engage Alerts.

Join us on Thursday 9th July for 20 minutes of usable, actionable information, to learn how you can get the edge over the competition with Salesforce Engage from someone that has seen the magic happen in real life (Brian Coles, Lead Marketing Automation Architect, 4C otherwise known as Chief Pardot Guru). Sign up now!


Event Speaker

Brian Coles, Lead Marketing Automation Architect, 4C

Event Speaker

Jessica Stern, Senior Marketing Manager, 4C

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