Digitally transform your lead to revenue process

With transformation insights from TP ICAP Data and Analytics CFO

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Wednesday 22nd July, 11am BST/ 12pm CEST/ 2pm GST


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The lead to revenue process within any company is critical, it encapsulates the entire commercial landscape and determines the customer relationship. Yet, in many businesses, this process is broken and full of bottlenecks and inaccurate siloed data.

Join us on Wednesday 22nd July as we share how TP ICAP and other organisations are transforming this process and truly aligning sales and finance operations through Quote-to-Cash solutions to manage the entire lead to revenue process. It is enabling them to become more agile in their operations, have end to end visibility on their transactional landscape and serve their customers faster.

We will be joined on the webinar by Anuj Mital, TP ICAP Data and Analytics CFO. TP ICAP is a leading, global financial services organisation who are currently engaged in a complete lead to revenue transformation. Anuj recognised the value of the end to end sales and finance transformation and has been successfully leading and driving this change. He will share the drivers for this journey, the challenges and learnings they have encountered along the way, as well as how it will support their business in the short and longer-term.

You will learn actionable insights on how to:

  • Manage the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to revenue with one solution
  • Streamline your sales operations by removing bottlenecks in the system to accelerate revenue
  • Unify Sales and Finance by giving them complete visibility of the full lead to revenue landscape to facilitate informed decision making
  • Ensure effective organisational change management and readiness throughout the transformation

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Event Speaker

Anuj Mital, Chief Financial Officer - Data & Analytics, TP ICAP

Event Speaker

Nikhil Karwal, Group Director EMEA - Global Head of Practice, Quote to Cash, 4C

Event Speaker

Paul Towse, Regional Vice President - Cloud Sales, Salesforce

Event Speaker

Imke Haleydt, Group Head of Billing & Financial Practice, 4C

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