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Grieg Green

Speeding up processes and saving valuable time

Grieg Green is a Norwegian company specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable ship and offshore recycling and Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). For its IHM business, the company wanted to transition their entire business processes onto an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool. Grieg Green turned to Wipro for the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning and Community Cloud, complemented by SharinPix image management and PDF Butler document generation and collaboration.

The Challenge

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials is an important element in the shipping world. New EU regulations require that all vessels need an IHM to dock in a European harbour as of 2021. This is putting a lot of pressure on companies such as Grieg Green that are delivering these reports.

Grieg Green was using seven to ten different tools to cover the entire process for its IHM services, collecting and storing data, exchanging information with colleagues and customers, etc. The surveyors who go onboard vessels to inspect for hazardous materials, and their coordinators who schedule the surveyors on their jobs had to (i) constantly switch from one tool to another to collect information and (ii) include that information in a Visual/Sampling Check Plan (VSCP). Providing evidence in the form of pictures required a manual process to associate camera pictures with survey documents. It was also difficult to get a good overview of where jobs were in the flow of the process. As an added complexity, production and administration teams are in different geographical locations, in both Asia and Europe.

The Solutions

Greater efficiency through Field Service Lightning

“We wanted to get from a file-based operation to a data-based operation,” says John Christen Jensen, Head of Service at Grieg Green. “To get there, we needed a tool that would do away with the siloed applications and bring everything into one logical flow. Our vision was to have higher data quality, consistent use across locations, ensure reuse of data, simplify the VSCP – both the planning and the final report – and get the most out of our IT investment.”

Grieg Green turned to Wipro to implement Field Service Lightning to turn that vision into reality. The business processes that Jensen designed and the way the jobs are done, were put in the Work Orders. “Wipro helped us find a way to build the VSCPs into the Work Order. We have the full pipeline in the Work Order, where anyone can follow the entire process,” said Jensen.

“The challenge we had here was that we needed to rebuild everything while the business operations were continuing. It was like rebuilding a plane while you are flying. But Wipro was very flexible here, agreeing to work in the production system rather than in a sandbox. If it would not have been for Wipro, we would not have been where we are today. The people we worked with are incredibly good in creating flows and they have a deep knowledge of how Salesforce works.” The surveyors using the mobile app are very pleased, with the ability to provide evidence for the checkpoints in the form of pictures via SharinPix. They now can add tags and non-destructive annotations to highlight specific attention points in the pictures, even when working off-line. Furthermore they can pinpoint on the location plan picture where a particular checkpoint was executed. When producing the final report with PDF Butler the SharinPix images are automatically included in the right resolution and size. “They experience that they save a lot of time. They really like the tool better than the paper-based procedure they were used to before.”

Better collaboration with customers

Grieg Green and Wipro had just started the project when Covid-19 kicked in and it became very difficult to perform the inspections onboard ships. Surveyors were not allowed to fly to ports around the world, nor could they enter ports or board the ships for inspection. This forced Grieg Green to find another way of working. “Wipro helped us to develop a customer portal and develop our ‘remote sampling’ service,” said Jensen.

Thanks to this mobile interface, the ship’s crew can now input information for all the points that need to be checked, upload pictures via SharinPix (exposing the same tagging and annotation capabilities to community users) and can get real-time feedback from Grieg Green. “In an ideal situation, the crew uses their smartphone to complete the job, so they can take a picture and upload it immediately on the same device.”

Better insights

Every day, Jensen checks a small number of reports that give him full transparency on what is happening for the IHM services. “We created a number of reports in Salesforce, for instance to check what has happened the last seven days and what will happen in the next seven. The reports show us also where the bottlenecks are and where we need to take action.” With the previous systems, this kind of information was scattered over the different tools.

Thanks to these reports, Jensen was able to confirm the business case he’d built: in the two months since the system went live, the number of jobs that are handled per month has increased by 300%.

“Wipro demonstrated remarkable flexibility. Halfway through the project, the context changed completely. But that did not deter them, they were very responsive and adapted to the situation with a great deal of boldness.” – John Christen Jensen, Head of Services, Grieg Green.

The Results


increase in capacity output

Many hours saved

per job completion

Greater visibility

on where bottlenecks are

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