Atlantis, Dubai

Atlantis, Dubai

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The Low Down

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Overlooking the iconic Dubai skyline, Atlantis, Dubai is an exhilarating entertainment destination comprised of two world-class resorts that bring guests extraordinary experiences and lifetime memories. They can discover a world of amazement across stays, dining, entertainment, attractions and wellness.

The Challenge

Guests’ experience with the renowned Atlantis, Dubai could be improved. With data coming from various sources outside of the hotel’s data management platform, there was an increasing gap between known and unknown customer information resulting in less than optimal segmentation. In addition, email design and data uploads became time consuming processes often leading to decreased productivity. Declan Kilcourse, the hotel’s Director of Marketing also commented, “a solution was required to support a very fast-paced business. If we look at the rooms component of Atlantis, Dubai it’s not possible for me to sell rooms from last week next week, so we effectively have a product that expires every night. Based on that, we have a real urgency and a requirement for speed to market campaigns whether it’s across one channel or many channels and of course then to have a level of automation as well.”

Atlantis, Dubai engaged with Wipro on a large digital change and has been able to increase their customer engagements, significantly grow their membership database, and provide a truly unparalleled experience to their customers.

The Solutions

The most personal customer experience yet

The Wipro team onboarded Atlantis, Dubai onto Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With this platform, companies can deepen customer relationships using a host of dynamic tools.

Wipro set up preference centers in Atlantis Dubai’s Marketing Cloud account, enabling guests to submit their information such as favourite restaurants for more personalized experiences with the brand. As a result, segmentation efforts dramatically improved. What’s more is that the Journey Builder tool was configured, granting marketers opportunities to guide customers through predetermined communication paths, or “journeys”, to ensure the right messages are being delivered to customers at the most opportune times. Customers can also be engaged on their preferred channels of communication such as SMS, advertisements, or email. Declan added, “we can build out that automated journey on one canvas and you can execute it and monitor it from a single point, that’s been hugely beneficial for us.”

A year after implementation and Atlantis, Dubai has observed a consistent increase in email open rates and engagement!

Valuable data within grasp

All of Atlantis, Dubai’s data that was previously housed throughout various systems was migrated to the Salesforce platform. What this means is that Atlantis, Dubai now has access to all of their customer data in one centralized location, eliminating disparate information, siloed systems, and confusion. Declan remarked, “it’s really allowed us to consolidate all our data in one place and allows us then to action that data and market effectively to customers.” Atlantis, Dubai can enjoy having a single, 360 degree view of each customer.

Data uploads have also become a seamless experience. In a matter of seconds, file uploads are complete allowing for the team to focus their attention on important activities.

Customer engagement across every touchpoint

Web Studio, an application used for stunning and personalized web page creation, is also being leveraged by Atlantis, Dubai to create rich customer experiences. Atlantis, Dubai appreciates the tool’s ability in enabling teams to create their own web forms and have data submissions feed back into the system without needing to lift a finger. The designed web page is password protected, allowing spa operation staff, for example, to see in real time what guests have written before they go into their massage.

Web Studio is also used by the hotel to create HR request forms that employees can use to submit requests, holiday information, and more. Once the information is updated on the system, the HR team can follow-up with employees easily.

Emails done in a flash

Providing a solution that would reduce the amount of time spent designing emails was indispensable to Atlantis, Dubai. “We really wanted to fix the quality and speed of email creation from our previous system.” With the configuration of Email Studio, the marketing team at Atlantis, Dubai was empowered to build their own emails, no longer needing to rely on an external agency for template designs. The easy-to-use HTML and drag and drop functionalities aid the team significantly in building their emails at a much faster rate. In addition, they do not need to resort to coding if they are not technical. Email design and deployment is now done internally and averages to two working days, compared to the five days it took before. This allows for more email communications to be sent and for modifications to take place immediately.

A trustworthy partner

Declan reflected on the hotel’s partnership with Wipro, “Wipro tried to understand what makes Atlantis tick, what our various business lines are, and what our challenges and pain points were. Out of that they tried to understand our data architecture, which was quite complex for Atlantis, Dubai based on the various enterprise solutions that we had, and then we mapped out a data migration strategy from each of our legacy systems and into our instance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud… From start to finish it took about 3 months to implement the solution in full.”

He continued, “Wipro’s assistance matched how fast Atlantis, Dubai moves, which has been very helpful as well. We also got a managed service package, which means that every month we had about 20 hours of their services we could use. That was important because when we went live initially with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we didn’t have a Salesforce skill set in Atlantis, Dubai so it was a comfort to know that Wipro was there to help us. And what happened over time is that there has been a really fantastic transfer of knowledge where our CRM Manager has learned so much from Wipro that he is now up to the intermediate level in terms of taking on the more complex tasks. This means that we can work with Wipro on the more high value tasks.”

“Working with Wipro has been extremely beneficial for us. What we really valued was their knowledge of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the wider Salesforce platform, and the ecosystem. There were many unique scenarios we brought before Wipro and their experience in this field was apparent based on the solutions they provided. We found out that over the last year working together from when we’ve gone live, they’ve become a partner we can completely rely on.” – Declan Kilcourse, Director of Marketing, Atlantis, Dubai

The Results


Increase in click-through rates


Boost in open rates


Growth of the customer database

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