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The Low Down


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When Alpega acquired the Spanish industry leader for the Iberian Freight Exchange Market, WTransnet, in mid-2018, the company wanted to integrate the company into the existing business as soon as possible. The need for ‘ONE Operations’ also included establishing ‘ONE CRM’. To achieve this alignment, Alpega entrusted a migration project to its long-time Salesforce partner, Wipro.

Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company offering modular solutions that cover all transportation and logistics complexity needs. Alpega Group created a scalable end-to-end software suite by bringing together the best solutions and market expertise. Its headquarters is based in Zaventem, Belgium, but Alpega Group is active worldwide. By combining its Teleroute brand with WTransnet, Bursa and 123Cargo, Alpega became the largest European provider for the freight exchange Market Place service.

The Challenge

Alpega Market Place Division and WTransnet had different business processes and used different software tools to support those processes. Alpega had standardised on Salesforce, while WTransnet was using another CRM tool. So although the operating model of both companies was largely the same, the supporting technology was very different. “We wanted to go to a unique model of organisation with one sales operation, one sales process, one CRM and one customer service model,” says Luca Filippetto, Project Management Office Director at Alpega Group. That’s why Alpega embarked on a big transformational project to migrate the business processes, migrate the CRM data and rebuild all the integrations with other software systems for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and marketing.

The Solutions

Impeccable project management

Alpega turned to Wipro to manage and implement the transformation. Wipro has been Alpega’s preferred Salesforce partner for the last ten years. “We were looking for a partner to steer the whole project. From experience we knew Wipro could handle a complex project like this,” commented Filippetto. “We knew they had managed migration projects before.” The complexity existed on different levels. Wipro had to coordinate different stakeholders: Alpega Group in Zaventem, the people from WTransnet in Barcelona and a local Salesforce partner in Portugal. Since WTransnet was only active in Spain and Portugal, most of the people had limited language skills in English. Communication was not always easy, especially as COVID-19 forced the workshops and meetings to take place with digital collaboration tools.

“Wipro was in the lead for most of the project elements,” said Filippetto. “They facilitated the workshops in the discovery phase and also led a significant part of the implementation, working closely with our local people in Zaventem and Barcelona and external developers in Portugal. Wipro was good at setting up the framework for the project and defining the model for the organisation. The implementation phase was a challenge, but even this hard part was successfully completed by Wipro through strong teamwork with the Alpega people.”

All data in one place

“Having one single CRM helps us to share leads, customer information, marketing information, and enhance our customers service experience. Having a unique CRM is critical to us. With 200 users geographically dispersed, we need a unique system to manage all of our customer relationships,” said Filippetto. This meant that all data from the CRM used at WTransnet had to be migrated to the Salesforce platform, as well as all the customer service operations. “It was only logical to keep Salesforce as a standard. The great majority of our operations and our teams are working in Salesforce. I would say that Salesforce is a natural extension of the organisation that was already in place.” The data migration proved to be a very complex project, mainly because of the huge amount of data that WTransnet had gathered over their years of operation, and because there were different data models in use, requiring data transformation and manipulation. Since May 2020, all Alpega employees have been working on the same customer and market data. “They now share the same customer information, and we now actually have sales agents working for both the Teleroute and the WTransnet brand on a global basis. And our Customer Service team is able to manage cases from both the traditional Teleroute customers and the WTransnet customers.”

Streamlined business processes

Not only did Alpega and WTransnet use different tools, their business processes differed too. “We have a lot of different processes for customer management, customer development, customer security, customer services, etc.” said Filippetto. “WTransnet had processes that were tailor-built for them, so part of the complexity of the project lay in adapting those processes to our group processes.” For Alpega, it was a bonus that Wipro has been involved with the company for ten years already. “Wipro understands our business and knows our way of working.”

As a result of the business process migration, all sales and customer service agents are now managing their processes on the same platform. This gives a better collaboration between the teams and, for team leads, it is easier to understand what is happening throughout the customer process. “It also makes it easier for them to manage the teams. We expect more efficiency from process alignment and more sales velocity through a unique sales process. Besides, we are already making financial savings by having everyone on one platform.”

“Would I recommend Wipro to other companies? I already have! On several occasions! In the last 10 years we have always had one or more Salesforce projects running with Wipro. They are always top of mind for new Salesforce projects. We have built a strong partnership of trust with Wipro.” – Luca Filippetto, Project Management Office Director, Alpega Group.

The Results


of agents work on one platform with the same data

Higher efficiency

driven by sales process alignment

Reduced cost

with just one CRM platform to maintain

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