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IKO is a pioneer and market leader in the global roofing and related products industry. A global enterprise with over 4,500 employees, IKO has more than 30 manufacturing plants in Canada, the United States, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Slovakia. The company ships roofing products to 96 countries around the globe. The group’s European headquarters are based in Antwerp, Belgium.

IKO turned to Wipro to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud as its new CRM system.

The Challenge

When IKO neared the end of the contract with its previous CRM vendor, the company knew it had to find a CRM system that was user-friendly and flexible, allowed better reporting and also gave the IT team the possibility to make changes and new developments themselves.

The Solutions

No more silos

Before IKO implemented its first CRM – a custom development – data was scattered throughout the company. “Sales, marketing, technical support,… each division had its own database with customer information,” reminisces commercial director Paul Alenus of IKO Europe. “And sales reps themselves had the customer data in their head or in a Rolodex. CRM is very important for an organisation like ours, as it is the basis for all our communication with customers. We need one single platform that holds all the customer information and makes the data accessible to everyone in the company.”

As the American and Canadian branches of IKO already used Salesforce, the choice was simple when it came to choosing a follow-up to a European CRM solution. “We wanted a solution that was easy to deploy and grow,” says Tom De Wolf, Director Business Applications at IKO Europe. “That is something we found in Salesforce. In addition, we were charmed by the flexibility to make changes by simply pointing and clicking, the ease of integration with other tools and the possibilities for development.”

Smooth migration

Tom De Wolf had already come across Wipro on various occasions. He was struck by the fact that Wipro also showed an interest in the business processes at IKO and asked business questions first instead of just diving headlong into the technicalities. “They came across as very customer focused, good listeners and were always looking for the best solution to solve a challenge,” said Tom De Wolf. “They were also willing to work outside of the usual scope of IT consultants.”

During the project, the tasks were neatly divided between Wipro and the IKO team. Wipro consultants took care of the requirement workshops, configuration, development and assistance for the integration of the ERP package. Wipro also imported the data converted from the previous system and provided documentation and training materials. “We also asked them to write the test scripts. Most consultancies leave that to the customer, but Wipro saw no problem in delivering these scripts,” said Tom De Wolf. IKO has used these scripts to base business processes on and put them to use for regression testing when upgrades to Salesforce were due.

“Wipro proved to be a very good implementation partner,” said Paul Alenus. “They kept up the pace. We needed to bring this project to a good end before our contract with the previous vendor expired.”

Happy users

Salesforce Sales Cloud is now in use with the sales, marketing and technical service departments at IKO in Belgium, with other territories like the Netherlands still to follow. “Implementing Salesforce has given a boost to the use of CRM in our company,” said Paul Alenus. “CRM is now used more, thanks to the user-friendliness of Salesforce.” Alenus points to the integration with Outlook and the possibility to use the application for mobile. “Commercial people want to keep their admin work to a minimum. It’s certainly a bonus that sales reps can now do part of their CRM input on their smartphone between appointments.”

Sales managers are happy with the functionality Salesforce offers them to build lists and reports themselves, and not having to ask that from IT or an external vendor.

IT too can take matters more into their own hands, supporting users and integrating non-Salesforce tools.

As Salesforce is rolled out to other countries that report into IKO Europe in Antwerp, the European footprint of Wipro will come in handy.

“Wipro proved to be a very good implementation partner. They kept up the pace in the project in order to meet the deadline.” – Paul Alenus, Commercial Director IKO Europe

The Results

No more silos

departments are now working on the same information


sales productivity as the platform is so intuitive

Easy integration

with ERP and other tools

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