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Boomerang Funding

Scaling the business with the help of Salesforce

The Low Down

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Boomerang Funding, part of the Brookson Group, offer risk free, flexible and competitive funding to start up recruitment companies or more established agencies that are looking to expand their business. They provide recruitment businesses with the necessary funding to pay for contractors and to cover the costs of the relevant contacts and insurance policies. They also arrange contracts, manage timesheets and run the payroll, ensuring that contractors are paid on time.

As Boomerang Funding grew they quickly realised that in order to stay competitive they needed to move away from the manual processes they had in place to manage clients and candidates.

The Challenge

As Boomerang Funding expanded, they soon realised that the the current process they had in place to manage candidates and clients; paper files and Google Sheets, were no longer sufficient to keep up with the demands of the ever growing candidate base. They had no front end system in place and the manual processes just weren’t cutting it anymore. They realised they needed a more robust system in place, with more streamlined processes to keep up with market demands.

The Solutions

New Front End System

With the implementation of Sales and Service Cloud Boomerang Funding now have a comprehensive front end system in place. Sales Cloud will now act as the master of data, and whereas before all emails sent to candidates and clients were untrackable, all emails will now be fully trackable within Salesforce and all client cases will now be raised in the right location, against the correct contact and account, giving an instant 360 view of all ongoing activity related to each candidate.

Steamlined Onboarding Process

Boomerang Funding had a very manual and time consuming onboarding process in place, the majority of which was paper based and done using simple spreadsheets. In the new world of Salesforce this is now all done on the platform. When a new candidate or client is onboarded, legislative checks need to be carried out against them. With the implementation of Salesforce these checks can now be automated, meaning they can be done more quickly and accurately. Time will also be saved when it comes to the onboarding documents and paperwork. These used to be manually put together and sent to candidates to fill out, they can now all be completed online.

“The team at 4C are very down to earth and transparent and have been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. I really couldn’t ask for a better team to come in and understand the business processes and what we are trying to implement and achieve. They have been very accommodating the whole step of the way and it has has been a pleasure working with them.”

Paul Mills, Project Manager, Boomerang Funding

The Results


onboarding process

360 degree view

of all clients and candidates

Improved accuracy

of candidate legislative checks

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